Our Markets

The Commodity Board is a news community trading platform that significantly facilitates the market entrance and appearance for all companies in the international agricultural food sector. Thereby, the Commodity Board provides all resources required for trading in products and commodities. To facilitate raw materials, information and services, we offer our members our online marketplace. Of course, we help to market your products and services.

We provide top services for you

The Commodity Board is a news community trading platform that aims to provide companies in the agri-food sector with all relevant information and data along the value chains. Our goal is to provide you with exactly the information you need, no matter what commodity it is. Whether you need price information, forecasts or harvest information. We can deliver!

What we offer:

Our team has decades of experience in the commodity business and can draw on a long tradition in commodity trading. Ask us, and we will support you!


  • Statistics on over 200 products
  • Price charts for all-important soft commodities
  • Top current market analyses and trend forecasts
  • Daily monitoring of the important commodity markets
  • Product information such as harvest volumes, harvest date, product quality
  • Addresses of the most important suppliers and buyers
  • A marketplace for feed and food raw materials