The market for shine skin pumpkinseed kernels is still moving up slowly this week. [swpm_protected visible_to=”logged_in_users_only” custom_msg=’This content is for members only. Please login or sign up now.’] The current raw material price at origin is about CNY16.2/kg. It seems that the market is calming down now, but the problem is that most traders are holding back the raw material for now and keep waiting until the sowing of the new crop is finished, then pushing the market price up further. Everyone knows that the seeding area for the new crop will be smaller than last year. This should lead to further price increases in the coming months and the new crop should remain expensive. Currently, it looks like the prices for shine skin pumpkin seeds are too high to be accepted by foreign buyers anymore and the freight costs also remain very high. For this reason, the demand from overseas customers is very weak. From the Chinese domestic market, we see an increasing demand. This should pick up further in the second half of the year when roasters start buying the raw material for the Lunar Festival.

Prices for GWS pumpkin seeds also continue to rise. Raw material that was still purchased by processors at favorable prices has now been sold off, forcing sellers to adjust their prices upward from week to week. Currently, there are still about 2000 mt of raw material in the market, which is not very much. The only thing that could stop the market from further price increases is the already very high price level and the weak demand. However, as soon as demand picks up, prices are likely to rise again.

Container freight rates remain at unprecedented levels of around $5200 USD for a 20′ container and $9900 USD for a 40′ container from China to Europe.

Prices for Chinese pumpkinseed kernels, CFR EMP

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