VARNA – Forecasts predict that Bulgaria will harvest 2 million tons of sunflower seeds this autumn for crop 2021. However, the needs of the sunflower seeds processing industry are greater. Bulgaria is will probably have to import at least 0.5 million tons, mainly from Moldova and Ukraine.

In the meantime, the rainfalls have stopped, and the sunny weather has come at last, which is excellent for the new crop. At last, the farmers stopped complaining about the weather but remained suspicious about the future and are still reluctant to give offers for the new crop.

The slightly downward price tendency has remained as expected and most probably it will continue in the coming weeks. The current quotations for prompt shipments of 2020 crop bakery kernels are around 0,95 Euro/kg FCA Bulgaria. Black sunflower seeds are traded at price levels around 0,55 Euro/kg FCA Bulgaria.

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