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ODESA: Barley production forecasts in Russia and Canada remain rather pessimistic. But barley prices in Ukraine have not yet responded as they remain under pressure from the corn market.

Actually, Ukraine has threshed 10 million tons of barley this year. This volume exceeds last year’s 7.95 million tons. As of August 27, Ukraine exported 2.4 million tons of barley, which is 25% higher than last year.

Purchase prices for barley in Ukrainian ports remain low at 240-245 $ / t. However, wheat prices are rising sharply, reaching 260 $/ t for feed and 270-280 $/ t for milling grain. Purchase prices for corn in ports remain at level 240-245 $ / t. Corn prices put pressure on barley prices as feed grain buyers do not want to pay extra for barley.

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