Kiew- At last, a few days ago, Mykolaiv port Nika-Tera announced the receipt of the first trucks with the barley of new crop 2021.

At the same time, most farmers in the Southern regions of Ukraine are complaining bitterly about the weather conditions. They cannot start harvesting because of heavy rains in the first half of June. During the 2 weeks of June, more than 150 mm of precipitation has fallen. This is almost a six-month norm for these regions. Barley is technologically ready but lacks the sun to dry. The harvesting campaign has already been delayed by about 2 weeks due to the cold spring. And today’s rains not only delay barley maturity but also cause different grain diseases on the fields.

Furthermore, another 10 days of rain are predicted, and barley harvesting will be shifted to July. As a result, Ukrainian agrarians can lose 10-20% of their crop due to high humidity and cereals diseases.