The first volumes of the barley harvest delivered to Odesa port elevators are much worse in terms of grain quality than last year.

In particular, the first batch of winter barley arrived on June 25, 2021, at the G.R. Agro elevator. Quality indicators on average by volume were:

humidity – 14.5%;
trash admixture – 2%;
test weight – 559 g / dm3.

The specialists at G.R. Agro noted that the first volumes of crop 2021 had darkened grains around 5%. Heavy rainfalls caused it on the eve of harvesting. Low test weight can also be explained by excessive moisture this year.

Meanwhile, the prices for new crop barley continue plummeting. Last week CPT price in Odesa port was around 230 $/t, at the beginning of this week – 215 $/t, and now it went down to 200 $/t.

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