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Black Gram Prices Less Than MSP

by | May 6, 2022 | Chickpeas, Pulses

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INDIA/MUMBAI, This year in Maharashtra, there has been a record increase in the production of gram (Black Chana), despite which there has been no increase in the farmers’ income as the prices of gram are not being received so far. Since last week, the prices of Chana have continued to fall. Experts say that traders involved in the processing industry had stocked gram due to an increase in arrivals; now, its price has come down to $0,53 per kg, while the government has fixed its minimum support price at $0,68 per kg.

It is being told that in some domestic areas of the state, chana’s purchase is made at $0,24 per kg less than the support price. The state’s farmers have no other option but to sell their produce at the procurement centers fixed by the government. Where earlier farmers preferred to sell their produce in the open markets to avoid getting entangled in the rules at the procurement centers, now they have been forced to sell the crop only at the procurement centers, as open markets are offering less prices than MSP. In order to sell their produce at the procurement centers set up by the government, first of all, farmers will have to get themselves registered, which will also have the obligation of land records, etc.

While the prices of cotton, wheat, and mustard are currently running higher than the minimum support price in the open markets, the price of gram is much lower. Reports state that at NA-FED, the procurement of gram has been started, though the farmers are not getting the benefit.

Farmers and traders are hoping that prices will be positive in the near future but looking at the current scenario, prices don’t seem to move up.

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