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Analysts of the spice market think that Kerala and Karnataka will continue to experience slack in the prices of black pepper. Moreover, the situation is unlikely to improve in the coming days, mainly in Kerala, because the rise in COVID-19 cases is still a concern for the state.

Even though the state government has decided the easing the lockdown by phases until the markets can function in full throttle, the increase in prices is unlikely. The situation is the same in Karnataka as per the reports.

In Karnataka, the black pepper is available between $5,25 and $5,38 per kg, and in Kerala, it is being sold between $5,38 and $5,52 per kg.

It is reported that compared to last year, the quantity of harvest for black pepper is likely to be less in Kerala due to the lack of local demand. As a result, farmers have sowed other crops instead of black pepper this year.

In the international market, the price of black pepper is $2,86 per kg, which is less than last year, when it was sold for $3,31 per kg. The spice board of India reported that for 2020-21 India produced 16,300 tonnes of black pepper and which was valued at $81,838 million—comparing this to last year when the production was 17,000 tonnes for black pepper, which amounted to $86,235 million. The numbers indicate that already this year there is a significant lowering in the production by 4% and hence the earning from black pepper is also less.

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