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Local black pepper in the Indian market is remained steady on account of weak pepper export demand.

However, the prices of pepper in the Vietnam market was traded up after remaining steady for a couple of weeks. 500 GL grade moved up to US $4.140/tone, up by 0.60 per cent, and 550 GL closed at the US $4.240 per tone, up by 0.59 per cent while in Brazil, pepper prices quoted lower at the US $4000 per tone for ASTA 570 GL down by 1.25 per cent.

Indian pepper prices are quoted as below:

Commodity Market Variety Prices ($)
Black Pepper Kochi MG1 $ 5687.47/tone
Black Pepper Kochi Ungarbled $ 5415.90/tone
Black Pepper Kochi 500 GL $ 5295/tone

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