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There are increasing reports that more and more farmers from the Czech Republic are offering goods at 1.80/kg with a morphine content below 25 ppm. It is not yet clear whether this is market quality. At the moment there are two opinions. One opinion is that prices will have to rise as soon as the Czech authorities publish the harvest figures, as it is assumed that the harvest will be much worse.

Other market participants expect a significant decline in blue poppy consumption. The high price level of almost all agricultural products leads to a reduction in demand for high-price products (including blue poppy). It can be assumed that bakeries and bakery product manufacturers will change recipes to maintain sales prices or margins. It is also clear that many buyers are still waiting to cover their needs and will have to put their cards on the table sooner or later, which will not take too much longer. Or the farmers need liquidity and have to sell. The official harvest figures play an important role here.

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