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Interesting quotations have arrived from the Czech Republic. According to some traders, the Czech farmer blue poppy < 25 mg price is at 41-42 CZK that is 1.60 EUR. Trader contracting at 45-46 CZK / Kg FCA CZ.

Although these talks are often between the players, the real significant volume deals currently are at around 1.90-1.95  EUR/ Kg FCA CZ < 25 mg. Nevertheless, this 41 CZK price level rumour predicts something unpleasant for manufacturers and traders hoping for the 2,30-2,40 EUR price level.

Hungarian blue poppy seeds: < 10 mg 2,05-2,10 EUR FCA HU

Czech blue poppy seeds : < 10 mg 1,95 EUR/Kg FCA CZ

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