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VARNA – The sunflower seeds market in Bulgaria is extremely slow these days. Most of the hulling companies stopped working and use the opportunity for technical maintenance or holidays. This is typical for this time of the year. Also, from the buyers’ side, there is no demand with many purchasers out for holidays.

The sunflower fields look very promising. The plants develop very well, and also the farmers and producers are very optimistic about the new crop. It’s still a few weeks until the harvesting will start, but if there won’t be any serious problem with the weather, we will see an excellent crop in quantity and quality.

With the lack of trade, the prices remain unchanged this week.

Prices FCA Bulgaria:

Sunflower seeds, black: 0,55 Euro/kg
Sunflower seeds, black: 0,60 Euro/kg

Sunflower kernels, bakery: 0,95 Euro/kg
Sunflower kernels, confection: 1,20 Euro/kg

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