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GUJARAT: Currently, arrivals and demand for carom seeds both are weak in the markets.

Since last two years, farmers getting good prices for carom seeds, so they choose carom seeds for the Kharif season. Due to a big crop of carom seeds in the last rabi season, there was a fear of a decrease in prices, but that assumption was wrong due to good demand.

Due to the corona pandemic, demand rise for carom seeds in the domestic and international markets. And thus, the demand remained the same during this season.

Currently, prices are estimated between $1343- $2015 per tonnes. Needy farmers have sold their stocks; however, 25-30 per cent of carom seeds are available in the markets. Another side, currently, demand is quite lower due to hot weather, but due to fear of corona, traders have stocked as per the need so, the general demand is maintained against the normal arrivals.

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