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Cashew prices experienced a substantial increase as the market opened this week. On August 23, all four varieties of cashew nuts that witnessed a price increase were W240, W320, W450, and LWP. It is believed that with the festival and wedding seasons coming up, the demand for the product is good among the stockists and retailers.

The market closed for W240 last week at $9,99 per kg FOB, and on Monday, August 23, it increased to $10,56 per kg FOB. The uptrend continued for other varieties too. W320 opened the week at $9,21 per kg FOB from $8,64 per kg FOB. W450 was $8,27 per kg FOB on Monday from Friday’s $7,84 per kg FOB. Similarly, LWP increased to $6,24 per kg FOB this week from $5,42 per kg FOB it experienced last week.

The prices of all the cashew varieties ended the week at the same price that they started this week.

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