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The upcoming festival season has been an excellent boost to the cashew market as the price remains steady at $10,56 per kg FOB. However, the price increased from $9,99 per kg FOB to the current price on August 23 for the W240 variety.

All the other varieties of cashew also kept steady after the price increase last month. W320 increased from $8,64 per kg FOB to $9,21 per kg FOB, W450 closed the market at $8,27 per kg FOB after it rose from $7,84 per kg FOB.

Similarly, LWP and SWP increased to $7,64 per kg FOB from $6,76 per kg FOB and $6,24 per kg FOB from $5,42 per kg FOB respectively.

Due to the festival season, the steady demand for the nut is keeping the market stable and is expected to remain so in the coming days as the domestic demand continues.

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