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Chickpeas demand in India has improved on November 15. As a result, the market’s slump before and after Diwali has started to change.


42-44 (12mm)

Date Price
November 15 $ 1,30 per kg FOB
November 10 $1,29 per kg FOB
November 8 $1,30per kg FOB
November 3 $1,27 per kg FOB
November 2 $1,29 per kg FOB


The market for Chickpeas has been fluctuating, but traders are hopeful that the prices will stay appreciative for the coming days as the winter is approaching. Chickpeas new crop will arrive by the end of March 2022. Demand is good, but comparatively good quality cold storage stock is less. Therefore the market seems firm and strong for the coming days.

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