India: Spicy pickles booming the chilli market

Guntur – Indian Guntur market is getting good demand for chilli from its local states Tamil Nadu and Kerala for selected varieties.

334/S10 varieties of chilli gained by $0.04 per kg, and prevailing prices are around USD 18.07/ Kg. No. 5 and 273 varieties were also in demand from these states, but Teja chilli slipped due to lower quality.

According to traders from the Guntur market, retailers were buying chilli for their current needs as usually, the Pickles-making industry picks up in the monsoon season. However, the lower quality of chilli remained a cause of concern for chilli supplies. Therefore, most varieties were traded flat in the markets.

Commodity Variety Price per Tons
Chilli 334/S10 $ 1.807,72
Chilli Teja $ 2.144,27
Chilli No.5 $ 2.037,85
Chilli 273 $ 2.037,80

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