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GUJARAT – The arrival of chillies in both Guntur and Warangal was quite good, but the market trend was mixed. In Guntur, there was an arrival of 90.000 bags, while in Warangal, 8.000 bags arrived in the mandis/local markets.  But the demand for chilli was average across the market.

At Warangal, most of the varieties of the spice were traded at a lower rate. Teja was traded at USD 1,99 per kg, which was USD 0,02 less than the previous day.  Even TOMATO and W.HOT were traded at a lower rate at USD 2,36 per kg and USD 2,20 per kg, respectively. The exception was 341, which increased by USD 0,03 per kg to USD 1,90 per kg. The 1048 variety was stable at USD 1,62 per kg.

In Guntur, however, the prices of Syngenta, 334 and 341 decreased all and were traded at USD 1,75 per kg, USD 1,15 per kg, and USD 1,95 per kg, respectively. On the other hand, Chilli varieties like 273 were traded at an improved rate at USD 1,89 per kg, and even No.5 prices increased to USD 1,82 per kg. However, the Teja and 4884 variety prices remained unchanged at USD 2,05 per kg and USD 1,78 per kg, respectively.

The price for Chilli S4 stemless also held steady at USD 2,10 per kg FOB. The price has been the same for the variety since the 10th of this month after it increased from USD 2,09 per kg FOB.

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