Warangal: Why traders forcing farmers to sell their chilli crop

In Warangal-the key market of chili in India, traders force farmers to make distress sale of red chili. [swpm_protected visible_to=”logged_in_users_only” custom_msg=’This content is for members only. Please login or sign up now.’]

The price of chili was around $205.52/ quintal until the shutdown of the market due to lockdown. Authorities reopened the market with the demand growing from the farmers but traders taking advantage of the lockdown and forcing farmers to sell their produce at very nominal price. Thousand of farmers who made a beeline at the mandis were clueless as traders offering them very lower price i.e. $82.21/quintal.

Traders were aware of the fact that farmers had no holding capacity because all the storage units in regions already displayed ‘no space’ boards. On other hand, the market yard officials who determines the prices allegedly aloof citing Covid-19. As a result traders and middlemen have a free run in the market determining chilli prices at their will and wish. So, traders taking advantages of all the current situation and farmers are worried about their produce.