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TIANJIN: Exporters reported that the Chinese lentils produced in 2021 are already on the market, but due to the low output, the price is much higher than the new product listing price in the same period last year reaching US$1,550 per ton. Currently, foreign buyers are mainly inquiring about prices, hoping that prices will fall because Chinese lentils cannot meet market demand.

A large number of imports from Canada are needed every year. At present, China has stopped importing Canadian lentils. Exporters predict that the price of Chinese lentils will not fall in the short term. Some importers began to import Turkish red lentils one after another to reduce costs and meet demand. Traders predict that if the domestic market is depressed and the export situation does not improve, the price of lentils may fall in the future. Importers will start buying after the price stabilizes. Traders always pay attention to the market situation in China’s lentil-producing areas and changes in the shipping market.

Current Market Price in China for small lentil 

Product name Chinese Small Lentils
Colour Green
Quality Grade A
Purity 99.5%
Package 25 kg PP bag
Crop 2020
MOQ 22 Tons
Price Usd 1480/mt

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