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DALIAN: Snow began to fall in Inner Mongolia, Jilin and Liaoning on November 6. The snow was large and continuous, and the snow on rural roads was severe, making it difficult for the grassroots to load goods. This temporarily restrained the decline in the price of millet. Many high-speed roads are closed, the supply of goods is difficult to outflow, and market purchases and sales are suspended. After the cargo was sold in October, a certain amount of stock was in the intermediate link. Grain merchants mostly held a wait-and-see attitude, and occasionally rice mills were firm in asking prices when they inquired about the goods.

The snowfall in the production area is more common this time, and the loading and delivery of goods are blocked, and the price of millet is difficult to decline for the time being. Most rice mills have a moderate supply of raw grains, and they are mainly restocked after the snow, and the price lacks motivation. It is usual for some varieties to increase their quotations slightly. Still, the actual trading volume is limited, the domestic trade and export markets are slow.

Current Market Price in FOB China for Chinese hulled millet

Product Name Chinese Hulled Millet
Purity 99.95%
Moisture 10% max
Package 25kg paper bag
FOB Dalian Usd1360/mt
Delivery 25  days after signing the contract

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