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DALIAN: According to market reports, mung beans in various parts of China is basically over, but farmers are busy harvesting millet, and there are still some mung beans in multiple places that have not been brought home. The quality of mung beans varies from place to place this year, and there is a price difference in quotations. The quality of mung beans in Tongyu this year is acceptable. The purchase price of high-quality domestic sources is US$1.86/kg, and the standard export price is US$1.92/kg.

The price is acceptable, and farmers are more enthusiastic about selling. In other areas, the quality is not good, the prices are slightly lower, farmers are not excited about selling goods, and the average daily supply of grain merchants is limited. Mid-September of the previous year was the period of centralized harvesting of mung beans. However, this year, due to the late sowing of mung beans and the rain before harvest, the centralized harvesting time of mung beans was postponed to the end of September, and the time to market was postponed to early October. This year, the mung bean particles in many places are too small, and there are not many sources of goods that meet the export standards.

We are concerned about the purchasing mentality of grain merchants. The quality of the new mung beans is better than last year, but there are still few that meet the export standards. About 30% of the mung beans meet the export standards. As of October 12, the purchase price of common sprout beans for export in Jilin-producing areas was US$1.98/kg, an increase of US$0.09/kg or 5% from the initial listing. Most farmers are more accepting of prices, and they ship with them. The average daily load of grain merchants is dozens or even hundreds of tons. However, there are fewer sources of goods that meet export standards in many other places. The prices of domestically produced organic products range from US$1.530 to US$1.570 per ton. Market participants predict the next upward price trend.

Current Market Price in China for mung bean

Product Name mung bean
Size 3.8mm up
Moisture 16% max
Package 25kg PP bag
Purity 99.5%
Loading 22mt /20GP
Fob Dalian Usd 1530-1570/mt
Delivery 20  days after the contract

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