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Dalian: At present, the northern soybean crop is in the pod-setting stage. In late July, the precipitation in Heilongjiang Province was normal but unevenly distributed. Wind and rain occurred in most parts of the province from the 30th to the 31st, with heavy rainfall in the central and western regions and relatively small rainfall in the east. The wind and rain alleviated the drought phenomenon in the central and eastern agricultural areas of Heilongjiang to a certain extent. Still, some sites and low-lying plots in the western part of the western region with heavy rainfall aggravated the waterlogging phenomenon.

Generally speaking, although the range of drought in late July has expanded compared with mid-July, the precipitation weather in Heilongjiang Province at the end of the ten days has better-supplemented soil moisture, which is beneficial to crop growth and development. Due to the overlap of multiple rainfall ranges in some areas, the waterlogging phenomenon aggravated. On July 2nd, 3rd, and 5th, some towns in Suileng, Brian, and Keshan encountered heavy rains and other heavy rainfall, which caused local waterlogging of farmland and crops in low-lying areas. On July 18 and 19, some towns in the Nenjiang River and Keshan suffered heavy rains and other heavy rainfall, causing local farmland to be flooded, crops in low-lying areas were flooded, and some plots were reduced or stopped; On July 26, some villages and towns in Qing’an suffered heavy rains and floods; from July 30 to 31, Shuangcheng and Suileng suffered heavy rains and floods, causing some crops to be damaged.

In August, Heilongjiang Province was still infrequent with extreme weather events and a critical “seven-under eight” flood control period. According to forecasts, the average temperature of the province in August is slightly higher, and the average precipitation is slightly higher. At present, the water level of the Nenjiang River, Songhua River, and Heilongjiang River are generally high. In the event of heavy rainfall, the three main rivers will experience obvious water upsurges. Some river sections may have floods above the warning level if there is a typhoon going northward in the middle and late ten days, May cause major floods in the mainstream of the Songhua River and over-alarm floods in the Wusuli River. The normal growth process of all kinds of crops, combined with sufficient rainfall and suitable temperature in August, is extremely beneficial to the growth and development of crops. Still, there is a rising trend of drought in the central and eastern regions.

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