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DALIAN: The price of organic Millet has dropped due to new products and market demand. The price in the Inner Mongolia production area has fallen by 6%, and the price in the Liaoning production area has dropped by 7%. Although the price has fallen, the market demand is fragile.

The domestic and foreign trade demand decreased by about 41% year on year, and the rainwater in the production areas has increased recently. In mid-to-early October, new grains from various producing areas were concentrated on the market. As the supply of further products increases, prices will drop slightly in the future.

Exporters are concerned about changes in prices and weather in the production area. With the increase in supply, the risk of falling prices is still more remarkable. Traders produce orders on demand to avoid the phenomenon of oversupply.

Current Market Price in China for organic hulled Millet 

Product Name Organic hulled Millet
Purity 99.95%
Moisture 10% max
Package 25kg paper bag
FOB Dalian Usd1300-1340/mt
Delivery 25 days after signed the contract

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