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Chinese Organic Hulled Millet: Is Market Supply Sufficient?

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Grain, Millet

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DALIAN: The rain conditions and moisture content from May to July are particularly important. It is also necessary to pay attention to the changes in transportation and logistics, which have an impact on the planting area and growth of new millet, the operating mentality of trade entities and the fluctuation of grain prices. From the perspective of supply and demand, there is a risk of millet prices falling from May to July. The concentrated spring sowing in May will form positive support for grain prices. From June to July, the temperature is generally high across the country. The demand for millet shrinks, the contradiction between supply and demand in the market is prominent, and the price may decline. Focus on the rainfall in the production areas from May to July, the changes and growth of the new millet planting area, which will affect the mentality and operation of the market players, and then affect the fluctuation of grain prices.

Current Market Price in China for Organic Hulled Millet

Product Name Organic Hulled Millet
Purity 99.95%
Moisture 10% max
Package 25kg paper bag
FOB Dalian Usd1350-1380/mt
Delivery 25  days after signing the contract

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