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Chinese organic Soybean: High prices continue

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Beans, Pulses

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BEIJING: It is expected that domestic organic soybean prices will stabilize at a high level in the short term, and international soybean prices will fluctuate and fall.

The supply of domestic organic soybeans in the domestic market has declined, soy farmers are reluctant to sell, and traders in the production areas are more enthusiastic about purchasing. Still, the demand in the sales areas is not strong. It is expected that the prices of domestic organic soybeans will remain high and stabilize in the future. International market: A bumper harvest of soybeans in the United States is a foregone conclusion.

The international soybean supply has increased. Soybean planting in Brazil has begun on a large scale. Rain conditions in the producing areas are good. Planting is progressing smoothly. International soybean prices are expected to fluctuate and fall in the future. Will impact the cost of domestic organic soybeans, and pay more attention to international and domestic market prices.

Current Market Price in China for Chinese soybean

Product Name Chinese organic soybean
Type Non-Gmo
Grade A
Moisture 12% max
Package 25kg paper bag
Purity 99.5%
Loading 22mt /20GP
Fob Dalian Usd 1210/mt
Delivery 20  days after the contract

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