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Dalian: Market participants reported that the old pumpkin seeds were out of stock, and high-priced customers were unacceptable. Some exporters temporarily stopped quoting. The market reported that the main reason for the price increase was that the old products were nearing completion and there were almost no good raw materials. On the other hand, in western Xinjiang, production has been reduced on a large scale. Exporters predict that when new products arrive, prices will continue to rise. Buyers have started to inquire these days.

However, the price of new products is difficult to predict. Exporters reported that the prices of pumpkin seeds A and AA and the prices of shell-less pumpkin seeds A and AA would rise by US$150-250 per ton. The price of bare board organic pumpkin seed kernels is high, which is difficult for customers to accept, and exporters stop quoting. Waiting for the launch of new products, traders currently predict that the price will exceed US$4,000/ton.

Current Market Price in FOB Dalian, China for Pumpkin kernel

Product Name Chinese pumpkin kernel
Moisture 10% max
Package 12.5×2 vacuum bag
Purity 99.95%/
Loading 17mt /20GP
Shine skin kernel AA EU standard Usd 3950/mt
Shine skin kernel A EU standard Usd 3640/mt
GWS AA    EU standard Usd 3920/mt
GWS A    EU standard Usd 3630/mt
Nop Org. Shine skin kernel A A Usd 3980/mt
Delivery 20 days after the contract

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