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Dalian: Market participants reported that the price of pumpkin seeds was stable last week, and the raw materials of the pumpkin seed market were still in short supply. Manufacturers said that prices were still high and the export market was slowing down. Most traders are out of stock of Shine skin Pumpkin Seed Grade A and GWS Grade A.

Currently, the primary producers make a living by exporting plain pumpkin kernels AA and GWS AA. Organic shine skin Pumpkin Seed Kernel AA is mainly exported to the US market. In contrast, orders in the European market have decreased, costs have increased, and exports are limited. Due to the reduction in pumpkin seed production and the stockpiling by traders, the price has not declined, and the export dilemma still exists. High prices have led to a decline in export demand and domestic trade demand. In addition, the ocean freight is too high, and exporters are in trouble. The export situation is difficult to change in the short term. Exporters look forward to the decline in procurement costs and ocean freight and look forward to improving the market.

Current Market Price in FOB Dalian, China for Pumpkin kernel

Product Name Chinese pumpkin kernel
Moisture 10% max
Package 12.5×2 vacuum bag
Purity 99.95%/
Loading 17mt /20GP
Shine skin kernel AA EU standard Usd 3960/mt
Shine skin kernel A EU standard Usd 3910/mt
GWS AA    EU standard Usd 4220/mt
GWS A    EU standard Usd 4150/mt
Nop Org. Shine skin kernel A A Usd 4300/mt
Delivery 20 days after the contract

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