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DALIAN – Recently published market surveys show the prediction on the new crop of shine skin pumpkin seeds. The total planted area is reduced by 20-30% compared to last season. This is fixed, especially since the planted area in Northeast China was reduced a lot. This is because of the strong demand for corn and soy. But the growing situation in Inner Mongolia and South Xinjiang is quite good. There was a drought of the new crop in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia Province, but the whole situation is ok.

Organic materials availability remains stable, just a little less compared to last year. This was caused mainly because of the harsh inspection from Organic bodies. A lot of farmers and producers had problems fulfilling them and turned to other more profitable products.

New crop situation of the GWS Pumpkin seeds:

-New crop production will be around 23.000 tons, and from current pictures, the seeds are more than expected and look nice.

-Current market still has some old crop stock and expects new crop costs for gws will drop back to shine skin level price.

New crop situation of the snow-white pumpkin seeds:

-New crop materials are only about 20.000 tons and are mainly produced in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, and in the Northeast, there is no snow-white at all.

-There is no old crop stock for snow-white, and the exporters’ last deal for snow white is 4.800 USD for 12mm+, and expects new crop will open high. Maybe there is a chance to drop afterwards, but only a minimal chance and minimal space.

Current Market Price in FOB Dalian, China for Pumpkin kernels

Product Name Chinese pumpkin kernels
Moisture 10% max
Package 12.5×2 vacuum bag
Purity 99.95%
Loading 17mt /20GP
Shine skin kernel AA EU standard USD 3.780/mt
Shine skin kernel A EU standard USD 3.500/mt
GWS AA    EU standard USD 3.780/mt
GWS A    EU standard USD 3.520/mt
Nop Org. Shine skin kernel A A USD 3.780/mt
Delivery 20 days after the contract

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