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TIANJIN: China, as a significant exporter of sunflower seeds, has seen sunflower seed prices decline since the arrival of new products. The previous price increase was mainly due to market traders’ speculation and deliberately raising prices. Now the market is sluggish due to foreign epidemics and other reasons, and traders are afraid. There is a backlog of goods, and prices in the production areas have fallen.

This week’s export prices are 1.240-1.280 US dollars per ton. However, the downward trend will soon be suspended because the peak purchasing season is approaching, and the domestic sunflower seed sales season begins in winter.

A large number of traders start to purchase, and prices will rise. It will also be the peak season for the export market. However, importers report that because the new products have just been launched and prices are unstable, most importers said they would start placing orders in mid-to-late October, which means that the market will enter a period of low-risk stability. The Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Egypt, and Southeast Asia are the main export destinations of Chinese sunflower seeds. These customers are very concerned about the recent market price changes.

Current Market Price in China for sunflower seeds

Product  Chinese Sunflower Seeds
Type  361
Moisture  10 % Max
Purity  99.5 % Min
Imperfect  2 % Max
Package  25kg  Paper Bag/ Plastic Bag ;
Loading  10Tons / 20GP
Price USD 1240-1280/Mt
Delivery  Within 20 Days after the contract

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