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TIANJIN: According to market participants, the domestic sunflower seed market will enter the peak sales season with the arrival of winter. The peak season will last until March next year. The price of domestic sunflower seeds will increase due to the impact of market demand. In terms of exports, market demand is lower than last year, mainly because the import costs of buyers have increased significantly.

The purchasing power of traditional export regions such as Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey has declined. The market in Southeast Asia affected by ocean freight is better than last year. Shipping costs are much lower than those in Europe and the United States, and sales have increased. This week, 361 standard sunflower seeds have a particle size of 180-190/50g. The export price is US$1290-1330/ton, and the cost of COUNT 190-200PCS/50G is US$1.270-1.300/ton. Traders continue to pay attention to market changes.

Current Market Price in China for sunflower seeds

Product  Chinese Sunflower Seeds
Type  361
Moisture  10 % Max
Purity  99.5 % Min
Imperfect  2 % Max
Package  25kg  Paper Bag/ Plastic Bag ;
Loading  10Tons / 20GP
Price USD 1260-1320/Mt
Delivery  Within 20 Days after the contract

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