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Xinjiang: Market participants reported that Xinjiang sunflower seeds would be listed successively this week, but it is predicted that the output will be reduced by about 65%. Terrifying data has led to high prices after the listing, which has led to a rapid increase in the price of old products in Inner Mongolia.

At present, farmers are reluctant to sell them at low prices. High raw material prices, this week’s exporter quoted FOB TIANJIN: USD 1340/MT, export standard. 361type, 190-200pcs per 50 gram, merchants predict that the price of new products in Inner Mongolia will continue to rise steadily after the launch because October, November, and December are not only the peak season for the peak season export but also the peak season for purchasing in major domestic markets. The Chamber of Commerce has been paying attention to price changes in the production area.

Current Market Price in China for sunflower seeds

Product  Chinese Sunflower Seeds
Type  361
Moisture  10 % Max
Purity  99.5 % Min
Imperfect  2 % Max
Package  25kg  Paper Bag/ Plastic Bag ;
Loading  10Tons / 20GP
Price USD 1340/Mt
Delivery  Within 20 Days after the contract

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