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BEIJING: According to reports from market participants, buyers in the Middle East, Egypt, and Southeast Asia are currently waiting for new products in 2021. Before the new products come down, they mainly rely on inquiries and have little purchase intention. Importers and exporters have recently paid close attention to the changes in the shipping market.

The export market continues to be sluggish, with port export orders decreasing and export manufacturers produce on-demand, focusing on the domestic wholesale market. However, in the summer, domestic market demand is weak, and orders lack continuity. Manufacturers have no plan to replenish inventory before new goods are released: export standard, 361 sunflower seeds export price of 1.270 US dollars per ton.

Current Market Price in China for sunflower seeds

Product  Sunflower Seeds
Type  361
Moisture  10 % Max
Purity  99.5 % Min
Imperfect  2 % Max
Package  25kg  Paper Bag/ Plastic Bag ;
Loading  10Tons / 20GP
Price USD 1240/Mt
Delivery  Within 20 Days after the contract

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