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This week the market trend for most spices and other commodities was on an uptrend, which
came as a relief for traders and farmers alike. Several factors caused the increase in the prices.
Here are some commodities that experienced price hikes, cumin seeds, coriander seeds,
cardamom, black pepper, sesame seeds, peanut, and chickpeas. However, red chilli and
turmeric started and ended the week at the same price, i.e., $2,10 per kg and $1,20 per kg,

Cumin seed for A grade 99% increased from $2.04 per kg to $2,19 per kg, and the price is
expected to improve in the coming days. However, the reason countries like Afghanistan, Syria,
Iran and Turkey will fail to meet the global demand for the commodity. As a result, the
international market is looking towards Indian cumin seeds for import.

Coriander seeds, too, had an improved price this week. The coriander Eagle 5% split increased
from $1,01 per kg to $1,05 per kg due to the high domestic demand. With fresh supply in
place, most stockists have increased their purchase in the week and impressive demand
from the Southern mills in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, resulting in the price increase.

Factors that led to the price increase for cardamom, black pepper, sesame seeds, peanut, and
chickpeas were the good arrival of the commodities due to less rain and the upcoming festival
season. Cardamom prices witnessed a substantial change, from $22,97 per kg to $23,02 per
kg. Peanut prices increased but not that significantly; it closed the week at $1,31 per kg after
opening the week at $1,30 per kg. The same was the case for sesame seeds hulled 99.95% pure. It
started the week at $1,85 per kg and ended at $1,95 per kg FOB. Chickpeas 12 mm increased
from $1,29 per kg to $1,36 per kg.

It is believed in the coming days, the trend will continue, and the market will be stable.

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