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Coriander prices remained steady for the second day after their sudden slump last week. The
the business was smooth in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh mandis due to the clear weather.

Coriander price for Eagle 5% Split increased to $9,80 per kg FOB earlier this month from $9,26 per kg
FOB before dropping to $9,55 per kg FOB. Apart from Eagle 5% Split, all the other varieties saw an
increase in the price. Eagle 100% Split increase to $9,70 per kg FOB, while Single Parrot rose to $1,25
per kg, FOB and Double Parrot climbed to $1,40 per kg FOB, and on 16 August, it closed at the same

Despite the weak arrival of the crop in the mandis, as reported by the spice traders, there is an
increase in the local demand. According to market analysts, the local demand is the key factor that is
helping the prices to remain steady for coriander. Furthermore, it is believed that the presence of
limited stock of cumin in the producing centres will result in the prices going up gradually in the
coming days.
The market for cumin is not bearish at the moment, which is a relief for the farmers and traders.

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