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ODESA: The weather in Ukraine helps speed up the harvest and increase the supply of new crops.  As of October 25, Ukrainian agrarians have threshed 11.2 million tons of corn with an average yield of 6.34 t / ha. In October, Ukraine exported only 385 thousand tons. And in total from the beginning of the season – 1.81 million tons.

In addition, the increase in tariffs for rail transportation due to the shortage of fuel and wagons has led to higher prices for road transport.  Also, due to the same reason, domestic elevators had reduced their purchasing prices by 100-200 UAH / t to 6600-6900 UAH / t. Traders take into account the increased tariffs for transportation and prefer purchases with delivery to the port.

The rise in gas prices raises the cost of drying services, forcing producers to delay harvesting corn to reduce its humidity. Farmers also try to use alternative drying with firewood, straw or diesel fuel, which will slow down the harvesting process.

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