Prices are now leveling off after a few months of frantic price increases,.[swpm_protected visible_to=”logged_in_users_only” custom_msg=’This content is for members only. Please login or sign up now.’] Due to reduced production of adzuki beans this year ,
Around cut production by 35% this year. There are not so many good raw materials left, the price does not go down.
Current prices have reached record levels,for size 5.0 mm up, price will up to usd 2330 per ton, so that leading domestic food manufacturers to look for alternatives. It is hoped that new acreage and yield will increase.
Sea freight costs from China to EMP for 20 feet container have increased from USD5000/USD to USD6500/USD, EVEN MORE.
We can see that the spot market is becoming more quiet these days.
Buyers have arranged their stocks for the coming weeks.