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Presently the price of cumin is steady in the market. There has been no significant improvement in
the price due to the lack of local demand and a weak export requirement. According to market
analysts, there is no reason to expect any improvement in the prices of cumin. It is only going to rise
in the coming days if there is improvement in the export market of the crop.

This month, the market opened at $1,95 per kg FOB for cumin for A grade 99% pure, which
increased last month’s closing price, i.e., $1,94 per kg FOB. However, on 16 August, after the market
opened, the price did improve slightly to $1,97 per kg FOB.

The prices have increased for all varieties of cumin on Monday. A Grade 98% pure closed at $1,90
per kg FOB, increasing from $1,87 per kg FOB. Cumin FAQ 99% Pure improved from $1,85 per kg
FOB to $1,91 per kg FOB. Cumin FAQ 98% Pure rose to $1,87 per kg FOB from $1,81 per kg FOB.
Despite the fall in the local and export demand, the prices are steady at the moment. However, it
can become a concern for framers and traders if there is no increase in demand in the coming days.

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