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In the coming days, the cumin prices are expected to remain steady due to increasing domestic demand due to the upcoming festival season. Also, with the easing of the lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19, the domestic destination markets are opening up. Hence there won’t be many fluctuations in the cumin prices.

However, there is concern about the next year’s yield due to the scarcity of water availability and rainfall deficit in the growing regions.

According to analysts, despite weak export demand and lack of EU enquiry cumin seeds, it will change soon. India is likely to pick up the cumin export trade in the coming days as most cumin-producing countries face issues with their production. As a result, both Africa and Middle Eastern countries are looking towards importing Indian cumin seeds.

During the last month, the daily arrival of cumin in the Unjha market was reported to be between 300 metric tons and 400 metric tons, while the overall price increase of the spice was between 3 and 4 per cent.

Cumin Price for A grade Sortex quality 99% pure is $19,15 per Kg FOB.

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