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With an increase of 40% in volume and 26% in value at Rs 4,253 crore, cumin became the second-most exported spice. On 19 July, the price of Cumin seed increased by $0,30 – 0,34/ kg in Unjha mandi. On the other hand, Rajkot in Gujarat saw an increase in the price of cumin by $0,30/kg in the spice market.

Also, the Unjha mandi received 9000 bags vs 8000 bags and the Rajkot mandi 700 bags vs 300 bags compared to the last trading session. Mainly fewer arrivals and good demand causing the prices to move on a higher note. 

At the initial start of July, the cumin price was $1,95/kg, and now it is $1,98/kg. According to the assumptions of analysts, a sharp rally in spices is seen. In the past 2-weeks, cumin prices rose by 2.70% due to the increase in domestic demand and export.

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