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Market players informed that the raw material prices have anchored at 55-60 TL /kg levels, but the export offer prices are decreased due to the depreciation of the Turkish Lira. They also added that the buyers more or less accept the current price levels as new demands are coming in from worldwide. Even the demands from Arabic countries have increased seriously. Buyers are aware that there is less product available this Season, and therefore they no longer react to high prices.

This week, Jumbo is offered at 6775 USD/mt levels, which was 7000 Usd/mt last week. However, neither the market players nor the exporters can predict the course of the prices yet.

Turkey’s apricot and apricot products exports reached 32.950 mt, which is still almost 3.000 mt more than last Season’s exports being 29.863 mt during the same period.Last week’s exports were 2227 mt apricots, which were 2194 mt during the same week of the previous year.

 Apricots, Turkey, Crop 2021 (2000 ppm)

Size USD/mt
Jumbo 6.775
No. 1 6.475
No. 2 6.375
No. 3 6.275
Dried apricot exports on mt basis
Season 2021 2020
Qty (mt) 32.950 29.863
Since the beginning of the Season

Source:Trade etc.

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