MALATYA: Market players stated exporters cannot determine their direction as the new crop size has not been officially announced yet.

Market players stated that despite completing the new season yield determination studies, exporters cannot determine the direction as it has not been officially announced yet.

Market players stated that the price increases during last week do not reflect the real levels but that despite higher prices, demands for prompt shipments of the current Season are still coming.

Some exporters already give prices for the new season, but most prefer to wait for the official announcement. The rumours are already going around that the crop size will be around 90.000 up to 100.000 mt. However, there is no clarity for now as the drying period also carries risks. The developments are good so far, but the fruits need more sun and higher temperatures for better development.

Offered export prices vary hugely on a supplier basis due to the lack of raw material. Type Jumbo,no.1,no.2,no.3
and no.4 are nowadays offered at roughly 4.150 up to 4.300 USD/mt on a FOB basis (2.000 ppm).
Turkey exported 1.387 mt dried apricots last week, which were 1.258 mt during the same week of the previous year.

Apricot prices, Turkey, Crop 2020


Size USD/mt
Jumbo 4.150-4.300
No. 1 4.150-4.300
No. 2 4.150-4.300
No. 3 4.150-4.300


Dried apricot exports on the mt basis
Season 2020/21 2019/20
Amount 82.532 90.967
From the beginning of the season until 19 June 2021

Source: Trade etc.

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