MALATYA: Market players informed that farmers are in a hurry to complete their field Works this week.

Market players stated that farmers are in a hurry to complete their field works this week as field workers want to go home next week since Turkey will have an official Holiday from the 16th until the 26th of July due to the religious Sacrifice Festival. Market players added that the quality of the apricots seems even better than last year’s products and that the weather conditions are currently very favourable for drying.

The drying period will last at least 4 to 6 weeks, meaning that it will not be possible to export new crop apricots before the end of August 2021. Some exporters are already giving price offers for new crop apricots, 4.400 Usd/mt for Jumbo, 4.200 USD/mt for Type nr.1 and 2, 4.050 USD/mt nr 3 and 4 on a FOB Mersin basis.

In contrast, other exporters prefer to wait until the end of the Sacrifice Festival to give prices for new crop apricots. Traders and exporters will hurry after the Sacrifice Festival to buy raw material as soon as possible. Some exporters are also still offering old crop prices, but there are, as before, huge differences. Type Jumbo till type nr.4 are still offered at the same levels, roughly 4.150 up to 4.300 USD/mt on a FOB basis (2000 ppm).

Apricots, Turkey, Crop 2020 (2000 ppm)

Size USD/mt
Jumbo      4150-4.300
No. 1 4150-4.300
No. 2 4150-4.300
No. 3 4150-4.300

Apricots, Turkey, Crop 2021 (2000 ppm)

Size USD/mt
Jumbo 4400
No. 1 4200
No. 2 4200
No. 3 4050

Turkey exported 997 mt apricots and apricot products last week, 696 mt during the same week of the previous year. The Usd/TL rate is at 8.63 TL (8.68 last week) and Euro/TL rate at 10.24 TL levels ( 10.31 TL last week)

Dried apricot exports on the mt basis
Season 2020/21 2019/20
Amount 85.724 93.772
Since the beginning of the Season 

Source: Trade etc.

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