Malatya – Market players informed that the harvest has slightly started.

Market players stated that the harvest has slightly started this week but that exporters are not ready to give export price offers as the official crop size has not been announced yet.

Some are in the meaning that the Ministry of Agriculture is going to announce it this week. Some exporters already give prices for the new season, but others believe that these do not reflect the reel price levels and that it is risky to give prices at the moment.

Hot weather is forecasted for the Province Malatya for this week which is most welcome as the harvest has started. Exporters stated that buyers are still asking for prompt shipments despite the high price levels. Type Jumbo, nr.1, nr.2, nr.3 and nr.4 are nowadays still offered at roughly 4.150 up to 4.300 Usd/mt on a FOB basis (2.000 ppm).

Turkey exported 1.290 mt dried apricots last week, which were 1.120 mt during the same week of last year.

 Apricots, Turkey, Crop 2020


Size USD/mt
Jumbo  4150-4.300
No. 1 4150-4.300
No. 2 4150-4.300
No. 3 4150-4.300


Dried apricot exports on the mt basis
Season 2020/21 2019/20
Amount 83.804 92.087
From the beginning of the season until 25 June 2021

Source: Trade etc.

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