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The harvest of fresh figs has started in Aydin. The crop estimation inspections for crop 2021 is expected to start in the first week of August by the latest. Market players stated that the yield could be less due to the drought and extremely hot temperatures in Aydin.

Prices for the new crop are expected to be given earliest at the end of August 2021. Raw material prices vary meanwhile in between 38 to 40 TL / kg. The export prices for the current crop are increased by at least 100 Euro/mt due to the lack of available figs suitable for export purposes. The lack of containers also continues to be a big problem. It is expected that freight cost increases will continue.

Since the beginning of the season, Turkey exported 63.311 mt dried figs and fig products, which was 63.694 mt last season during the same period. Turkey exported last week only 16 mt due to the National Holiday, which was 593 mt during the same week of last year.

Exports of dried figs in mt
Season 2020/21 2019/20
Amount 63.311 63.694
Since the beginning of the Season

 Dried figs, Turkey, crop 2020

Type USD/mt
Bulk, Nr. 1 5570
Bulk, Nr. 2 5270
Bulk, Nr.. 3 4975

Source: Trade

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