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The Yield Determination Studies for crop 2021 will start as of today, according to the market players. The harvest and drying processes have, in the meantime, started slightly. Farmers and exporters expect that these studies could be finalized and that maybe also the crop could be announced next week.

Farmers have slightly begun with the harvest, but extreme temperatures of last weeks resulted in some yield losses. Farmers are now eagerly waiting for the fig purchase prices to be announced by TARIS Fig Association and the traders.

Due to increased growing costs and the decrease of the yield due to hot temperatures, farmers are waiting for a price of at least 35 TL/kg for their dried figs. Another important fact for price increases is that the holy Ashura month has started, increasing the domestic dried fruit sales. Market players stated that export prices for the new crop could be given earliest within one week.

Turkey exported 771 mt of dried figs and figs products last week, which were 258 mt during the same week of the previous year, meaning a huge increase. The total exports range at 64.747mt of this crop which was 64.451 mt in the same period of the last Season.

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Exports of dried figs in mt
Season 2020/21 2019/20
Amount 64.747 64.451
Since the beginning of the Season

 Dried figs, Turkey, crop 2020

Type USD/mt
Bulk, Nr. 1 5570
Bulk, Nr. 2 5270
Bulk, Nr.. 3 4975

Source: Trade

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