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As with the apricots also the dried figs market is vivacious nowadays. Market players stated that the price increases continue and that exporters give only prices valid for a short time and only for firm orders, but the prices increased for at least 100 USD/mt.

The reason for these increases is that there is a less suitable product available for export this Season. Exporters are in a hurry to buy raw material to cover at least their needs for their contracts. Rumours are circulating that also fig prices will reach 50 TL/kg levels which is 404-45TL/kg nevertheless the type. Market players also stated that some small exporters sold their raw materials, and they will not export. As formerly said, the crop size has also still not been published yet.

Market players stated that exporters are unable to predict at what level the rising prices will stop.

Turkey exported 1091 mt of dried figs and figs products last week, which was 895 mt during the same week of the previous year. The total exports range at 70.008 mt, 68.715 mt in total in the same period last year.

Exports of dried figs in mt
Season 2020/21 2019/20
Amount 70.008 68.715
Since the beginning of the Season

 Dried figs, Turkey, crop 2021

Type USD/mt
Bulk, Nr. 1 7.050
Bulk, Nr. 2 6.550
Bulk, Nr.. 3 6.000

Source: Trade

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