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BUDAPEST – As per the reports of wheat farmers, the total quantity of wheat harvest 2021 in Hungary is forecasted by 500.000 mt less than in the past year, around 4-4,5 million mt. The main reason of the decrease is the big heatwave which hurt the grain. The barley has survived, but the long riping wheat sorts did not get out of the bad situation without damage, in bigger areas than it was thought previously.

The corn and sunflower seeds are in big trouble in some areas in Hungary. Towards South from the Balaton lake and in South-Eastern regions of Hungary, the soil contains no moisture until 1 meter in some areas. These areas are reported as drought hit places and the farmers are waiting for arrangements – subsidies – from the government to mitigate their prospective losses.

Feed wheat: 185 EUR/mt FCA HU
Milling wheat: 197 EUR/Mt FCA HU
Feed Corn: 185-190 EUR/Mt FCA HU
Sunflower seeds: 520 EUR/Mt FCA HU

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