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Dry Ginger: Not Likely to Go Down

by | May 5, 2022 | Ginger, Spices

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INDIA, KOCHI: About a month is now left for the onset of monsoon season in South India. That’s why the extraction of ginger from there is now slowing down. Due to this, its price has remained strong. There is no apprehension of a decrease in the spot in the coming days.

The temperature in North India has now increased to the 45-46 degrees Celsius level. Ginger sales have remained sluggish so far due to the temperature rise. On the other hand, about three and a half months ago, the arrival of new dry ginger had started in Kochi, Kerala. Even after arrival of new crop, till now the arrival of this major grocery commodity has not been regularized, which has kept the prices stable.

In main metro city markets, the price of ginger has recently increased by $0,09/0,10, and currently, domestic prices remain at $1,36/1,43 per kg. on the other hand, the dry ginger has remained stable at the level of Rs $1,83/1,91 per kg for the past few days due to the sluggish buying by the stockists. It was reported that there was negligible arrival of dry ginger in Kochi, and its price remained at $2,36/2,50 per kg for the past few days.

Monsoon is about to arrive in a month and this may affect the market sentiments. Therefore, according to experts, there is minimal possibility of a downtrend in the coming days.

Price Trend 

Dry ginger NUGC quality

Date Price
May 04 $2,04 per kg FOB
April 28 $2,08 per kg FOB
April 25 $2,10 per kg FOB
April 14 $2,12 per kg FOB
April 04 $2,15 per kg FOB

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