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A recent conference organized by the IOPEPC Global Oilseeds was held in October 2021. All the major oilseed producing countries present and future production was discussed.

Ethiopia, one of the largest sesame seed producing countries and exporter of the crop, was discussed at length. Mr Assefa Yohannes did the presentation. The General Manager of the Ethiopian Pulses Oilseeds and Spices Processors Exporters Association revealed that Ethiopian Sesame seed production had reached the lowest of the last five years for the market year 2020-2021.

Production & Sowing Area

The country produced 260,258 metric tons of seeds compared to last market year’s production of 285,000 metric tons. On the other hand, the highest in the previous five years was recorded for 2015-2016 at 322,177 metric tons.

The overall production of sesame seed was at a record low for Ethiopia this year. Even the area coverage was the second lowest at 369,897 hectares compared to last year’s 686,136 hectares. In the last five years, 2019-2020 had the highest sowing area for the crop, while the lowest area recorded was for the yea 2016-2017 at 322,177 hectares.

Export Trend

With the lessening of the sowing area and overall crop production, the country’s sesame seed export has been impacted too. As a result, it has recorded the lowest export volume in the last five years since 2015-2016. For the market year 2020-2021, sesame seed export from Ethiopia was recorded at 181,866 tons compared to last year’s 217,577 tons and the highest in 2015-2016 at 392,545 tons.

The Future

There has been a slight decline in the overall production of sesame seed from Africa due to insatiability in the growing countries. While the major share producing countries have slowed down in the production, countries like Somalia, Oromia and other Southern countries of Africa is picking up the plantation of the crop. With conducive weather, the overall production of sesame seeds from Africa is looking good.

It is expected that productivity will be better than last year since there is no report of pest infestation and suitable rainfall in the growing area despite a decrease in the sowing coverage.

Countries Looking Towards India Sub-continent

Sesame seed from Ethiopia is imported by UAE, Israel, Vietnam, Singapore, USA, China, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong, and even India. But with a gradual decrease in production, the major import countries like UAE, China, USA, Turkey and Japan are likely to see towards the Indian subcontinent to fulfil their demands.

There is already the expectation that China may start importing the seeds from Pakistan and even India in the coming months, with demand for the commodity increasing with the easing of the lockdown restrictions. As a result, the market for sesame seeds is changing in Ethiopia.

Furthermore, with oil crushing factories, restaurants and offices opening up and the least awareness sector promoting sesame seed as a health food, the demand for the product is expected to grow amidst lower supply from Africa. As a result, the global market will see a price boost for the commodity.

It will also affect the Indian sesame seed prices, and it has already started to reflect. Despite the Diwali festival and spot markets starting to close early this month, the prices have remained steady and experienced a hike for white sesame seed varieties on the first day of the month.

 Price In India

 White Natural 99/1/1

Date Price
November 3 $1,54 per kg FOB
November 1 $ 1,51 per kg FOB

White Natural Sortex 99.95%

Date Price
November 3 $1,64per kg FOB
November 1 $ 1,61per kg FOB

White Hulled Sesame Seeds Auto Dry 99.95%

Date Price
November 3 $2,04per kg FOB
November 1 $ 2,02per kg FOB

White Hulled Sesame Seeds Auto Dry 99.97%

Date Price
November 3 $2,06per kg FOB
November 1 $ 2,03per kg FOB

White Hulled Sesame Seeds Auto Dry 99.99%

Date Price
November 3 $2,11per kg FOB
November 1 $ 2,09per kg FOB

Regular Black 99.90%

Date Price
November 3 $2,20per kg FOB
October 27 $ 2,03per kg FOB

Super Z Black 99.95%

Date Price
November 3 $2,35per kg FOB
October 27 $ 2,16per kg FOB

Semi Z Black 99.95%

Date Price
November 3 $3,28per kg FOB
October 27 $ 23,09per kg FOB

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